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All New exciting SolarActive ® color change items will be available soon!

NEW Ruby Wing Collection Cupcakes & Champagne

color change nail polish

The new Ruby Wing collection is scented. 6 New colors, 6 new scents, this collection is now available.
The new scents are sweet cream, strawberry, doux, rose, chocolate mouse and Cinnamon.
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Ruby Wing™ Nail Polish Changes Color In The Sun! 

'SoleMates' Two Colors In One Bottle!

 Ruby Wing Birdie color changing nail polish Ruby Wing Cypress color changing nail polish Ruby Wing Sweet rose color changing nail polish
Actual Indoor/Outdoor Pictures

The mani-pedi is getting a makeover, thanks to color-changing technology from Solaractive The ultimate accessory for beauty junkies and fashionistas alike color change nail polishes use SolarActive® technology to change the color of the polish when exposed to UV rays. Color changing nail polishes are one fabulous color indoors, and immediately when exposed to the sunlight/ UV rays another color appears. .

Color change nail polish features a spectrum of vibrant hues, spanning from hot pink to evergreen. These two-in-one shades pair brighter colors with deep, rich complements. Whether it is light pink to purple, a more daring blue to green, or even a simple yellow to orange,  color changing nail polish rises with the sun. On sunny hawaiian beaches to the ski slopes in Aspen. Color changing nail polishes work in all seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.

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