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Every Product Changes Color in the Sun!


Solaractive UV color changing products change color in the sun Powered by SolarActive® Technology! 

SolarActive® is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of solar color changing technology and raw materials. Everything SolarActive® changes color in the sun! Manufacturers everywhere use SolarActive® technology and raw materials to incorporate instant UV solar color change in the sun with their own products. SolarActive® has 100's of designs of solar color change shirts and heat transfers that change color in an instant! Custom shirts that change color in the sun are our specialty. Solar Active® technology is used in custom shirts and resort apparel as well as countless other products. Sun Activated shirts are like getting two tee shirts for the price of one!

If you're looking for a product that will teach sun safety and sun awareness, SolarActive offers a variety of products that keep you aware of the UV rays of the sun

Color this year is bright and bold. SolarActive® color change is great for uv awareness products, and at the same time the color change will bring smiles to your family and friends. When they notice the color change, it becomes a tool for teaching everyone that there are UV rays present. If the color change is not showing that must mean its night time, or you're not exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. Sun Awareness with color change is becoming more and more prevalent with our younger society. SolarActive® offers many products that are great educational tools for sun awareness

The newest most intriguing flip flop ever. CaliMojos are not your ordinary flip flop. Manufactured with SolarActive technology, the CaliMojos straps will change colors in the sunlight. For UV awareness CaliMojos have that extra advantage. Even our feet get sunburn, so if you want to wear flip flops, be aware of the UV rays each time you walk outdoors into the sunshine . CaliMojos colors in motion will alert you every time you step outside. SolarActive's newest most innovative product yet. Get your CaliMojos on!

Screen printers can purchase SolarActive® screen print inks to print their own Sun Activated t shirts that change color in the sun. Solar Active® offers the best in solar color changing shirts and clothing. SolarActive® UV beads are sunbelievable! Use UV Beads to give your jewelry or craft project a magical touch that will wow everyone. SolarActive® solar color change clothing, toy products, UV beads, raw materials and technology are great for manufacturers since Sun Activated products have no limits on the imagination or possibilities.

Ruby Wing color changing nail polish incorporates SolarActive technology. All Ruby Wing polishes are manufactured in the USA with the finest ingredients 3 Free and Vegan. Ruby Wing color changing nail polish instantly changes color when you walk outside. Ruby Wing color changing nail polish is one of those things you have to see to believe! Check out our YouTube for videos on Ruby Wing color change nail polish with SolarActive technology, color change tee shirts, UV beads and so much more!

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Solar Active Color Change Bear- Promotional Water Bottle, Glasses, Nail Polish, Cell Phone Strap, Embroidery Thread in the hat and the plush Bear.Please Wait For The MAGIC !
SolarActive® Shirts, UV Beads,Thread, & Heat Transfers Change Color in the sun!

SolarActive® screen printing inks and embroidery thread when applied to tee shirts change color in the sun instantly in the sunlight. SolarActive® products include UV beads, solar color changing clothing and other styles of Sun Activated solar color change shirts, embroidery thread, lace appliques, shoelaces, iron on transfers, heat transfers, custom shirts, custom heat transfers and many additional craft items.

All Solar Active® color change clothing, accessories and toy products are Proudly Made in the USA!

SolarActive® International is the manufacturer and supplier of hundreds of products that all change color in the sunlight.  All products manufactured by SolarActive® meet the latest safety requirements, and are continually updated as each product is developed. With products such as Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish, SolarActive® color change shirts, and heat transfers you can be assured the fashionistas in your life will be delighted! 

SolarActive has a couple of new products under the sun that will be launching Spring and Summer of 2014. Color changing Flip Flops are just one of the great new products that change color. SolarActive flip flops are made in Brazil with SolarActive technology. Flip Flop sandals will be available worldwide. Distributor and wholesale pricing is available for these magic sandals. These are not just your ordinary flip flops as the styles are fashion forward and they change colors in the sun! Pair them with your favorite Ruby Wing nail polish and a color change tee shirt for a day outdoors that will bring lots of smiles.

SolarActive® heat transfers and iron on transfers offer a better solution for quantity shipping for overseas accounts. We ship paper instead of finished tee shirts. It saves on shipping costs that way. All transfers are printed with solar color changing screen print inks that transfer to tee shirts beautifully!

SolarActive® International Manufacturer of the World's Greatest Solar Color Change

Meets all 2013 safety and environmental requirements


Support USA made products. SolarActive® materials are made in USA. We help keep America working.

Shop SolarActive UV color changing products that change color in the sun SolarActive® manufactures products that change color in the sunlight!
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Dont be fooled by imitation inks. Make sure your ink has the genuine SolarActive logo! SolarActive is the worlds leader of color changing technology clothing, footwear, accessories, toys, world famous color change nail polish called Ruby Wing, tee shirts and apparel. All our unique products change color in the sun. SolarActive color-changing products are one color inside, and instantly burst into color outdoors. Ruby Wing color changing lacquer does the same thing! The color changing process is repeated over and over again when exposed to UV/sun. It's not about your mood, or body temperature like hypercolor, it's about the uv/sunlight. It can be winter, spring, summer or fall, all color change products still change colors. Products and technology made in USA. SolarActive has received Material Excellence Worldwide since 1997, Certificate of Merit awards for our color change inks and embroidery threads, Best new Product awards, and Small Business Commerce awards of excellence. Occasionally we offer products manufactured with SolarActive technology made by other companies.